Mara Freire was the PI of the projects ERC Starting Grant IgYPurTech and PoC Action PureIgY, having a significant experience on IgY and its purification, and on the coordination of teams and management of projects. She is co-founder and the CEO of RYAPURTECH. During the past years, she has been awarded with several prizes recognizing Excellence in Research and Business Ideas, having published +280 scientific manuscripts with +15,000 citations and h-index of 70 (according to Scopus). In addition to +15 national/international patent applications showing a high dedication towards technology transfer, she is the principal inventor of the RYAPURTECH portfolio of patents. 

João Coutinho is the CSO, co-founder of RYAPURTECH and co-inventor of the RYAPURTECH patents, having experience on IgY antibodies and their purification, and on the development of sustainable processes within a circular economy perspective. He accounts with +700 scientific manuscripts, +32,000 citations, h-index of 89, and +20 national/international patent applications.

Márcia Neves is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in RYAPURTECH, has experience on separation processes of proteins and other organic compounds, as well as on the development of novel functionalized materials and their characterization, accounting with +60 scientific publications, +1400 citations, h-index of 21 and 3 patent applications.

Catarina Almeida is the Regulator Affair Development in RYAPURTECH, being a PhD student in Biotechnology dealing with the stability, activity and toxicity of IgY antibodies, with a background in Biochemistry (MSc and BSc).

Pedro Vilarinho is the Business Development Manager in RYAPURTECH, with well-established business, IPR and start-up creation skills. He has vast experience in technology transfer and science-based start-up management, namely in the Health sector.

Manuel Nina is a Senior Project Manager, with over 10 years’ experience in EU project management and business development.