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Immunoglobulin Y (IgY) therapeutics to tackle infectious diseases
Biopharmaceuticals and proteins’ purification and stabilization
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About us

RYAPURTECH is focused on the manufacturing and validation of Immunoglobulin Y (IgY) to
tackle infectious diseases.

Additional interests include the design of cost-effective production and purification platforms
for other biopharmaceuticals, proteins and enzymes, as well as the identification of alternative
and effective stabilizers for these biological products.

RYAPURTECH owns the IP rights of a cost-effective purification platform to produce high
quality and high purity IgY antibodies. The high yield and purity degree of the obtained IgY
antibodies allow their intravenous administration.

RYAPURTECH has extensive know-how to design novel cost-effective purification platforms and
alternative stabilizers for a wide range of biopharmaceuticals, proteins and enzymes.
RYAPURTECH has equipped labs and the required conditions to work in the bioprocessing field.

developed a cost - effective and innovative purification platform to deliver high quality IgY antibodies with >98 % of purity

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